When I was asked to be Lay Rector for Canterbury Cursillo #59, I was surprised and immediately on the defensive. I said “NO, it is not for me! You’re asking the wrong person”. Back at home, I thought about it, had just a little prayer time about it and decided to ask the advice of those in the Len Valley Benefice.


They all agreed that it was a great honour to be asked and also confirmed what I was thinking.” It is not for you to question the request. It is God’s will that you take up the Folder ! ”.


The Lay Director and I were not to know the number of stumbling blocks that would present themselves before we finally arrived at Aylesford Priory on the first day of Canterbury #59. The weekend was to take place later than originally planned and would now be in the Spring - the time of new growth.


The staff at the Priory welcomed us with open arms and every detail was catered for - everything we asked for was sorted. All the Pilgrims arrived safely after a detour around Aylesford due to a road closure in the village High Street.


What a weekend we then proceeded to have. The love of Christ and the visits of the Holy Spirit were unbelievable....... God was truly awesome !!


Thank You, God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit for enabling the Pilgrims to have such an amazing experience during Canterbury Cusillo#59.