When I was asked by our Lay Director to be Lay Rector of #55, my initial reaction and thoughts were quite hesitant and cautious…..could I take on that responsibility and privilege? But as the weekend drew closer, and the staff team was finalised, I began to realise that I had been chosen by God to lead, and I was not alone. Knowing He would be with me to guide and support me, the hesitancy disappeared, confidence grew and excitement took over me.


The Training Days, held at Judd's Folly, brought 14 individuals together, and ended with an amazing team ready to serve our 11 Pilgrims. I had been truly blessed to have such a talented and committed group to lead.


The weekend was amazing… much laughter, fun, wonderful worship and a few tears. What started with a group of Pilgrims who had not previously met each other, and a team comprising very experienced and new staff, ended with one unified group of Christians, bathed in God's love and grace, who had enjoyed a wonderful spirit-filled weekend together. To see both Pilgrims and Staff grow spiritually and share their stories and experiences was something I will always cherish and give thanks for.


Thank you to the staff team who worked so hard, and to the Pilgrims for the inspiring artwork!



Phil Cross