I am truly grateful to have been Lay Rector of Cursillo #54 - the memory of it will live with me for ever. I had a brilliant staff team - amongst which were three former diocesan Lay Directors - so I had no cause to be anxious. And, of course, the Pilgrims were equally brilliant - all being prepared to be open-minded and open-hearted, and it was a great privilege to watch them blossom over the course of the three days.


Every Cursillo three day community is totally unique being made up of people from various churches across the diocese. The wonderful thing is that over those days of activities this disparate group of people grow into a listening, loving and laughing community.


Everyone on the weekend experienced God in some way - perhaps in a surprising way - even the “old hands” among the staff team. If you think God may be prompting you to make your Cursillo, then I encourage you to go and see what He has in store for you - you may well be surprised!