Canterbury Cursillo #51





It all started with those who pray -
Not now and again, but every day,
In every form and every way
So those of #51 could say
"It's faith that keeps those storms at bay
And love that fills us come what may."
Then came those who spoke of study -
No need to panic or phone a buddy.
After walks and talks that made you ruddy
And meals and puddings to make you chubby
#51 settled down with pencils stubby,
To see things clearer and much less muddy.
Now it's time to think of action,
After lots of chat and interaction.
After lots of prayer for special traction,
And lots of fellowship for a double reaction.
Love burst through as part of the fraction,
And the fourth day beckons like a special attraction.
#51 was steeped in prayer
For everyone and every layer,
Keep well and happy all of you
And start to pray for fifty two!


My love and prayers to you all.


Scott Mattocks - Lay Rector Canterbury #51