Canterbury Cursillo #48

Photographs below taken at Canterbury Cursillo #48 at the beginning of May 2012. It took place at the Friars, Aylesford, near Maidstone.


This was a highly successful weekend which made a big impact on many of the participants' spiritual lives.



Quotes from Participants from Canterbury #48


"It was a wonderful uplifting experience"

"I feel so incredibly blessed to have been part of something so fantastic. God is so good!!"

"My Christian life has been immeasurably enriched"

"Can't say thank you enough for a quietly but deeply yet gently profound weekend"

"It is far the best experience I had had in a long time!"

"Still in Orbit! God Bless"

"More exciting than a ride at Alton Towers"

"It was an astonishing experience, full of emotion, joy, friendship and love. I have never felt so cherished and secure amidst people I had never met before"


From Barbara Verga – Lay Rector Cursillo #48


I shall never forget the moment my phone rang one lunchtime last year when I was shopping in Maidstone and it was Su! Rennison the Lay Director of Canterbury Cursillo asking me to lead the weekend of Cursillo #48. I nearly wept with joy and excitement but managed to contain myself in the middle of the High Street!


Well since that moment the excitement remained and it was a real pleasure to serve on #47 as observing Lay Rector even though it was in October and the heating system had broken down at Aylesford!


From the first staff training day for #48 it was clear that I had a wonderful team who were nothing but a joy to work with and I felt that we gelled together from the very start. The second training day was equally as successful which kicked off with a lovely Eucharist service in St John the Baptists Church in Harrietsham.


As the weekend approached we were concerned about the lack of participants signing up but I was encouraged by Billy (the new Lay Director's) comments of "It will happen" and "It is going to be great!" The final tally was 12 and they epitomised some fascinating statistics! We had 6 gentlemen and 6 ladies and every decade in age from the 20's to the 70's was represented.


When the morning of Friday the 4th May arrived I was fired up and ready to go, strangely enough I was sorry that the weekend had now arrived as I had looked forward to it so much and for so long that I wasn't sure how I would feel afterwards!


The centre soon became a hive of activity and everything was sorted just in time for the early arrival of the first participants. It was clear from the outset that it was going to be a great weekend as everyone was soon engrossed in various conversations and everyone’s nerves were soon settled.


The weekend unfolded like a beautiful flower, the Rollos were well received, the discussions were fruitful, the times in the chapel were solemn and reflective and much laughter could be heard emanating from the Rollo room at various times during the three days. A big thank you to the participants or pilgrims, as I would prefer to call them, they all joined in with everything and made the weekend the outstanding success that it was.


I would also like to thank again the wonderful staff team for whom nothing was too much trouble and who each went the extra mile to ensure that the weekend was the success that it was.


I thank God from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the privilege to lead such an amazing weekend and my love and prayers now go forward to #49 and I wish it all the blessings that we received on #48 and more.