Canterbury Cursillo Prayer Request Information

For the list of prayers already published, please follow this link: Prayers

Prayer is the vital oxygen that keeps the Cursillo movement vibrant and alive. Prayer also makes our own individual walks with God truly alive and fulfilling. Without prayer we easily become spiritually dry.


Prayer can also change things. Even if we cannot always have confidence that God will heal everybody we pray for, because he has his own purposes and because so much of our suffering is a mystery, we are assured that God will work according to his will to respond to the prayers that we offer. We come before a mighty God who loves us and cares for each one of us.


This page therefore has been created to heighten awareness of intercessory prayer within the Canterbury Cursillo community and to encourage greater intercessory prayer for our needs and the needs of those for whom we love and care.


Because it is a public page the following guidelines apply


1) If you wish to have a prayer for an individual on this page please only use the Christian name of the person and do not mention the location where the person lives in the Diocese, or outside the diocese UNLESS you have their permission to mention their surname and where they live. Some people do not want their personal issues mentioned publicly and so they need to give their consent.


2) Please send an email to the prayerboard with prayer requests (there is a link at the bottom of this page). 

Please note that all prayers have to be approved by the webmaster and there may be occasions (holidays etc) where there may be delays. However, the webmaster will try and make sure your prayer is posted within 48 hours. Urgent prayer requests should therefore not be posted on this web page if they require posting within the next 24 hours.


3) Feel free to put send an email request for yourself on the prayer board if you are struggling with an issue. You do not have to put a prayer request for someone else - you may need prayer yourself.


Email link for prayer requests:


Thank you