Introducing Mr Bill Washington - Lay Director

I was born in Cheadle Hulme and two moves later, the family arrived in Kingsdown near Sittingbourne.  My father ran a company for the Pye Group (Cambridge), was Church Warden at St Catherine’s, Kingsdown for a number of years and my mother was a full-time mum.


On leaving school, I joined my father’s company (by this time he was running his own business) and started at the bottom of the company whist learning to be an electronics engineer.


I was brought up a Christian and always thought that I was one until I got entangled with the Christian Youth Group, Alpha Too. Two weeks before the Easter of 2004, I was asked to help with the youth group’s pilgrimage from Harrietsham to Canterbury for the Easter Monday Youth Pilgrimage. In two short days, the members had turned my mind upside-down by showing me that being a Christian was fulltime and didn’t get hung up in the wardrobe with one’s church clothes until the next church attendance.


In May 2005 I made my Cursillo. On the Friday evening I was convinced that Cursillo was not for me and wanted to leave. This gave me a problem as my sponsor had taken me; thus, denying me the use of my car. Saturday morning, I was hooked by the first talk and the totally overwhelming experience of the weekend gave me the confidence to talk about my Christian faith. Especially in the Middle East and Pakistan where I travelled on business for a number of years.


I have three daughters, two step-daughters (who have welcomed me into their family) as well as two step-granddaughters.


Following my second marriage, I now live in Whistable where I attend All Saints’ Church. My wife Karen and I have been stewards at the Detling Christian Conference for five years until it closed some 2 or 3 years ago and this gave me a taste of the Evangelical way thus widening my Christian experience.


It is indeed an honour to be Lay Director and to serve alongside Rev. Keith McNicol and the rest Secretariat team as we try to find ways to spread the wonderful experience that is Cursillo.


Bill Washington

February 2018